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Commercial Painting Services

What We Do

Krabby Painters is a full-service commercial and residential painting company located in Commerce Township, Michigan. We are serving clients throughout Michigan and as far as SoCal and the Desert Cities, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Paint Applications

Krabby Painters is available for all commercial painting needs across the metro Detroit area and beyond. We offer a wide variety of commercial painting applications and are able to provide high-quality services for commercial painting jobs of all sizes.

Drywall replacement & repair

Experienced professionals at Krabby Painters can help you to determine if it’s better to repair or fully replace commercial drywall. Our team will help you to remove and dispose of old material, and ensure a clean and seamless installation of your new commercial facility wall. You’ll never know we were there!

Carpentry Work

As commercial carpenters, the skilled craftsmen at Krabby Painters often install cabinets and other small-scale wooden structures for our commercial clients. We’re also happy to work with clients who need larger-scale carpentry work and emphasize safety, perfection, and attention to detail in all that we do.

Vinyl Siding installation by Krabby Painters, Inc., Commerce Township, MI

Vinyl wall-covering installation

We take great pride in installing vinyl wall-coverings and wallpaper to bring our customers’ dreams for their commercial spaces to life. At Krabby Painters, we are professionals in wallpaper installation and can customize any space working with our customers’ preferred patterns, colors, and materials. Ever detail-oriented, our professionals will ensure your wallpaper has no visible imperfections and help you to create beautifully covered walls for your commercial space!

Custom Stain Work by Krabby Painters, Inc., Commerce Township, MI

Custom Stain Work

Our creative & dedicated team is proud to work with our customers to determine the correct custom wood stain for your commercial renovation project. Customers choose Krabby Painters to enhance the natural beauty of their commercial spaces with custom staining work. We handle interior and exterior staining services, and utilize a variety of products to ensure a professional grade staining job precisely to our customers’ specifications!

Professional Power Washing Services by Krabby Painters, Inc., Commerce Township, MI

Professional Power Washing

The appearance of the exterior of your business sends a message to each and every client. At Krabby Painters, we strive to help you make the best possible first impression through regular progressional power washes. We use products that are environmentally friendly to protect our customers’ lawn and shrubbery and are proud to offer pristine professional cleaning services to our Detroit area commercial customers.

Electro-static Painting

If you’re looking for industrial painting services for metals or various types of plastics, Krabby Painters’ Electro-Static Painting services may be right for you. Pioneered in the automotive industry, this painting method uses positively charged paint particles and is ideal for painting metal industrial equipment, roofing, fencing, gates, doors, and windows.



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Krabby Painters is fully insured to offer our customers top quality, affordable painting services and most importantly, peace of mind. Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us. At Krabby Painters, we’re always there in a pinch!

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